Senova Systems was founded in 2007 with one goal in mind: Changing the world of pH measurement.

pH is one of the most fundamental properties in all of nature, and Senova Systems’ founders understood that revolutionizing the measurement of such an important parameter with solid state, non-glass, calibration-free pH sensors would give rise to transformational products that would improve pharmaceutical development and production, food, dairy and beverage processing, water and waste treatment, environmental monitoring, crop science, and veterinary applications.

Senova Systems’ scientists and engineers began their mission by licensing key intellectual property developed by Professor Richard Compton at Oxford’s Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory. Professor Compton’s group is a world leader in electrochemical sensors. Several distinguished academic scientists have contributed to Senova Systems’ efforts including Professor Compton, Dr. Gregory Wildgoose from University of East Anglia , Professor Attilio Citterio from Milano Polytecnico, and Professor Joseph Wang of University of California at San Diego. The Company has continued to build a robust IP estate and has filed numerous patents on key improvements, compositions of matter and methods related to its smart sensor platform. Senova Systems introduced debuted first at Pittcon 2012: as the pHit™ handheld scanner.

Senova Systems’ development work was originally funded by the company’s founders and a group of friends and family. In September of 2011 the company completed its first institutional round of financing with the closing of its Series B round of financing led by Phoenix Venture Partners and Harris and Harris Group (NASDAQ: TINY).

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