pH Matters! – Clean, Affordable, Sustainable Toilets for 2.5 Billion People

Yes, 2.5 billion people lack this key sanitation.  The Gates Foundation issued a challenge for new toilet systems to meet that need and scientists at the University of California at Berkeley have responded with an innovative toilet that uses pH science as its key design feature.

How the pHree Lo Toilet works

The Berkeley Engineer magazine shows the creative design of a toilet that turns human waste into “safe sludge” that can be disposed of or processed into fuel or fertilizer.  The key to the “pHree Loo” is mixing of waste to create ammonia and then raising the pH of the ammonia to 12, at which point the ammonia becomes a disinfectant that acts on remaining pathogens.

Congratulations to Professor Kara Nelson and post-doctoral researcher Temitope Ogunyoku on this promising use of pH control which may provide great value worldwide!

You can read the full article with display model here on page 6.

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