Cost of Ownership pHit CalculatorThis cost of ownership calculator compares the cost of owning a conventional glass pH meter to the cost of owning the pHitâ„¢ handheld pH scanner. It is important to note that some variables were not taken into consideration, such as broken glass electrodes and the cost of discarded batches due to reading error and drift. These added costs, which vary by user and environment, are not incorporated into our calculation and should be taken into consideration when reviewing your savings below.

If you have any questions about the calculations or would like clarification, please email Christobal Leal.

Your Typical Costs  
Cost of conventional pH Meter ($)  
Cost of replacement pH Electrodes ($)  
# of replacement electrodes per year  
Average salary of Lab Technician ($)  
Calibrations per week
Comparison of your Costs Comparison of your Savings
Product Costs Conventional Meter pHit scanner
pH Meter
Replacement electrodes
Calibration buffers1
Sensor check buffers2
KCl storage solution3
Labor Time & Costs Conventional Meter pHit scanner
Initial electrode setup
Calibration labor cost
Electrode maintenance
Sensor checks
Cost of Ownership Conventional Meter pHit scanner
First Year Cost
Second Year Cost
Total Two Year Cost
Saved Per Year Conventional Meter pHit scanner
pHit First Year Savings N/A
pHit Second Year Savings N/A
Total Two Year Savings N/A
Assumptions and Footnotes
Buffer usage per calibration (ml) 25
Cost for set of buffer reference standards ($)4 82.3
Calibrations per set of buffer reference standards 20
Time per calibration (mins) 15
Initial electrode setup - conventional (mins) 60
Initial electrode setup - pHit scanner (mins) 5
pHit replacement electrode cost ($)5 250
Electrode maintenance per year (mins) 240
1 - Costs include unused buffer standards.
2 - Sigma Aldrich, 500ml Buffer Reference Standards: pH 7.00 (B4770 $27.00).
3 - KCI Storage solution: Sigma Aldrich 60137 KCl 250 ml: $14.00.
4 - Sigma Aldrich, 500ml Buffer Reference Standards: pH 4.00 (B5020 $27.00), pH 7.00 (B4770 $27.00), pH 10.00 (B4895 $28.30).
5 - The pHit replacement electrode cost is an estimate. The price has yet to be determined.
Cumulative Savings
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The data portrayed and calculated on this page are for illustrative purposes only. Actual costs and savings may vary.

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