Your work presents many challenges each day – why should your pH meter be one of them? pH measurement no longer needs to coincide with hassle, worry, and tedium.


The pHit Scanner has been designed to provide a great use experience. The pHit Scanner that respects your time, your objectives, and your style is also:

  • Easy to Use
  • Tough
  • Portable
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Communication Savvy
  • Design
  • Supported


Easy to Use

Sometimes less is more. The pHit handheld Scanner follows this mantra. With only two buttons and an easy-to-read LCD layout, the pHit Scanner avoids the problems that frequently arise when cutting edge technology becomes too confusing to even operate.

The pHit Scanner has just two modes – measurement and sensor check. “Measurement”, as you might have guessed, measures the pH of your sample solution. It also provides you with the temperature (°C), voltage (mV), and current (uA). The “sensor check” ensures the integrity and health of the sensor. Because the pHit Scanner is calibration-free, we’ve frequently received the question about how to validate the pHit Scanner; this one-minute sensor check allows users to check the health of the pHit Scanner’s functionality. You can learn more about the sensor check on our pHit Scanner page.



The pHit Scanner has an entirely non-glass, solid-state design. We’ve heard from many users of conventional pH meters that with electrodes frequently cracking, clogging, and shattering, the fragility of glass is a constant source of issues and worry. One lab manager even told us about she lost two glass pH meters when a colleague accidentally sat on them! With the pHit handheld scanner in your lab, this becomes a problem of the past. A 316 stainless steel shaft and solid-state sensor composed of carbon substrate ensure users no longer need to worry about when the next pH meter will break.

This enhanced durability and robust design also translates into reduced cost for the lab. Glass meters that drift, contaminate, or break while measuring large batches will instantly result in immense additional costs.



Despite the immense amount of breakthrough technology that is packaged into the pHit Scanner, there has been no compromise in functionality and portability. Weighing 135 grams (.3 lbs) with a height of 13.8 inches and maximum width of 2 inches, the pHit Scanner is a desktop pH meter packed into an aesthetically-pleasing portable design. The pHit Scanner also includes a rechargeable battery that lasts over 24 hours on a full charge.

With the cordless design, low weight, and rechargeable battery, the pHit handheld scanner can be used in the lab, in the field, and anywhere in between. The added robustness of the previously mentioned durability provides you with the peace of mind that when you do decide to travel with your pHit Scanner, breaking it will be the least of your worries.



The pHit handheld scanner is virtually maintenance-free. The most frequent form of maintenance on pH meters today, calibration, is no longer required. The solid-state sensor enables the pHit Scanner to be stored dry, which eliminates the need for storage in a saturated salt solution and the resulting mess. Lastly, the non-porous design of the pHit Scanner’s sensor eliminates the ability for the sensor to become clogged. Cleaning time is greatly reduced for messy samples as there are no holes, crevices, or sensitive frits that can become severely clogged or damaged.


Communication Savvy

The pHit Scanner includes the capability to transmit data via Bluetooth® and Hi-Speed USB™. This functionality not only ensures you never lose your data, but it also allows you to monitor your results for longer tests and experiments.

The data that comes in from the pHit Scanner is displayed in Senova’s very own software – pHit Reports. pHit Reports, like the pHit Scanner, was designed to be simple and easy to use. Users can choose to display the pH, °C, mV, and uA on four individual graphs, or hide any of the graphs that they are not interested in seeing. This allows users the important and powerful ability to only see the data they want. Lastly, users will also be able to export the data to Microsoft Excel, which can then easily be manipulated into any preferred format.The first version of pHit Reports will be released with the launch of the pHit handheld scanner, and there is plenty of room to develop the program. Customer feedback and internal testing will fuel these future enhancements.



Let’s face it, the pHit Scanner is almost as beautiful as the technology that is inside of it. Ease of use and design go hand in hand, so we created a product that is light to hold, gentle to touch, and pleasing to see. You can feel proud to use it for your daily measurements. Looks aside, it just feels better to use a well-designed product.


While the pHit Scanner is straightforward and easy to use, we want to make things even easier. Senova Systems understands that people have different preferred methods to learn and understand new material. Thus, we have created both a traditional user manual and a video user manual. The traditional and video user manual will be hosted online, allowing you to access the material you need whenever you need it.


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