Privacy Policy

This notice describes what information we collect about visitors to this site and how we use and protect this information.

For casual visitors to this site we may record non-personal information, such as how you found our site and what search words you used to get here. In conjunction with this we may collect the IP address your computer was assigned to at that given time. We may also record the type of browser or screen resolution you are using. We do that to optimize the performance of our site and our marketing efforts. We do not collect or store personal information as part of this effort.

When you use our Contact Form, we ask you to provide your name, email address, contact reason or request, and other information. We use this information strictly to contact you with a response to your request and do not store this information electronically. When you submit a contact request, an email is sent to our office so we can respond to you regarding your question, request, or problem. Please do not enter any confidential or financial or otherwise private information because we may print this email for internal office procedures and while we always take the utmost care to protect your information, we cannot always ensure that only those with immediate need to know will see this printed copy.

Using this site or its interactive features indicates your acceptance of this policy.

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